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Union Made Swag

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What does Union Made Mean to US?

Union-made products are often associated with high-quality craftsmanship and ethical labor practices. Our supplier partners are located in the USA and Canada. These products will all be manufactured in North America and decorated by a union shop.

Union decorated refers to a type of decoration or embellishment that is applied to a piece of clothing, fabric, or any other item by using a labor union workforce.
Our supplier partners are sometimes overseas,
Popular products, such as Bluetooth speakers, or tumblers will be 100% union decorated.

For over 25 years PromoteUnions.com has collaborated with factories and cut and sew manufacturers to bring to life custom swag from color of stitching to color of buttons and colors of thread color.

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All Products Made By Us Will Have A Union Bug.

Promoting Union Pride is our Daily Mission.

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